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Ravens Fans Have Spoken

Listen up, Baltimore Ravens! The readers of Baltimore Beatdown have voted on a variety of topics and their collective voices heed warning and speak volumes as to what the team needs to do to take that final step to get to and ultimately hoist the Lombardi Trophy high as victors of the Super Bowl, starting next year in New Orleans and then who knows where else?

The following ten polls were recently posted on The Beatdown and the majority of votes went like this:

How should the Ravens build their wide receiving group this off-season? Free Agency: 54%

Would you want to see TO in a Ravens uniform next season? No: 60%

Where does the Ravens defense need to improve the most? Edge Pass Rush: 64%

(Click on the 'Jump' to see the results of the other seven recent polls)

What offensive position will see the most change this off-season? O-line: 88%

Randy Moss or TO on the Ravens next season? Neither: 47% (Moss: 39%)

Most improved Raven in 2011? Webb: 83%

Which position will the Ravens target in draft? Offensive line: 46% (LB: 36%)

Should Ravens keep Billy Cundiff? Compete in Training Camp: 56% (No: 25%)

Should the Ravens sign Mario Williams? Yes: 56%

Biggest Disappointment of 2011? Lee Evans: 57%

To the Baltimore Ravens Front Office: Do not ignore the will of the people, as the readers of Baltimore Beatdown are among the brightest minds in the NFL (the sharpest tacks are another whole story!). These fans know their football and the majority have spoken. Follow these directions and the roadmap to the Promised Land will be in your grasp instead of just within your reach.