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Ravens' Bisciotti Ranked Among Top Ten Sports Franchise Owners

Every fan of the Baltimore Ravens already knows what a great owner Steve Bisciotti is. They also believed that former owner Art Modell was a great owner, certainly deserving of enshrinement in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but that is another story for another time. Bisciotti's main contribution to the success of the team has been to have the faith and confidence in the team's front office to make the business and more importantly the personnel decisions that have kept this franchise competitive virtually year-after-year.

Now, it appears he is getting the just recognition he deserves as an owner, as evidenced by a story on the website, Business Review USA. They list their list of the Top Ten Sports Franchise Owners with Bisciotti at number ten on the list. Although Ravens fans would like to argue he belongs closer to the top of the list, remember that this ranking is cultivated from the many owners in the four major professional sports, which numbers well over 100 possible individuals.

Here's what they say about Steve Bisciotti:

Baltimore Ravens owner Stephen Bisciotti knows a thing or two about cultivating self-made fortune. Although his early jobs included mowing lawns, babysitting and pumping gas, he is now the majority owner of staffing firm Allegis Group and the NFL’s Ravens—a team that’s sold out every game since 1996.