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NFL Draft: Speed Kills

Mike Mayock looks at the fastest guys in the draft who will be at the NFL Scouting Combine, which begins next week in Indianapolis. The video on takes a look at a few speedsters, including one who will not be there as he is trying out for the US Olympic team. Instead, his University of Florida teammate might take the honors once the 40-yard dash times are official.

One player that Mayock is real impressed with is a University of North Carolina linebacker who weighs 237 pounds and hold the school record for the 60-yard dash. Not the school football record,mind you, but the school record for anyone. He states that a linebacker running a 4.35 seconds 40-yard dash is more impressive than a smaller guy putting up a 4.25 forty.

Either way, those are two real fast guys and while straight line speed might be one of the most over-rated stats at the Combine, we all know that the Baltimore Ravens could certainly use a little speedster to return kickoffs and punts next season, much less line up in the slot as a pass receiver along with Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin for QB Joe Flacco to target for a big play every time he touches the ball.