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Valentines Day NFL-Style

Ravens QB Joe Flacco and wedding party (Jason Prezant Photography)
Ravens QB Joe Flacco and wedding party (Jason Prezant Photography)

With the new rumor that Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush and newly-single Kim Kardashian considering a reconciliation, I thought I'd piggyback on the article of the NFL's highest-profile relationships. One of the other well-known couples was Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo and singer Jessica Simpson, but we all know what happened there.

The Super Bowl reminded us all that New England Patriots QB Tom Brady is married to super-model Gisele Bundchen. Most of us, er..I mean those people who read Playboy Magazine recall that former Hugh Hefner girlfriend Kendra Wilkerson was married to wide receiver Hank Bassett. New York Jets QB has been mentioned with actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Check out this video on the league's site of NFL Films' Super Love Fest, which has highlights of on-the-field "bro-mances" between players and coaches. has fourteen photos of players and their current or former girlfriends and wives, so in honor of Valentines Day, we hope they share a sweet night of love and romance together. Even Tom and Gisele, well,...sort of. I can't believe they left out Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco and his wife!