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Randy Moss A Raven?

The Ravens have come out and said that they are looking to upgrade at the receiver position. Randy Moss has said that he would like to come back and play in the NFL. Sounds like a good match right?

I guess that would all depend on how much Moss has left in the tank. A trio of Moss, Anquan Boldin and Torrey Smith looks great on paper. That is if Moss still has the ability to get behind defenders. Moss has always been a freak athletically but he is no where near his prime.

There are several reasons Moss could help this team. One of them being him playing mentor to Torrey Smith. What better guy to challenge our young deep threat than Moss. It would be a luxury for Smith to have one of the best deep threats in the game showing him the ropes.

Another way he could help the offense is to open up the field for Boldin. with Smith and Moss on the outside Anquan could line up in his best position of slot receiver. Safeties would have to respect the Ravens deep passing game, keeping their safeties deep on both sides. This could do wonders for Ray Rice as well. The more space you can create fro Rice the better.

So what do you think? Should the Ravens give Moss a shot?

I think he is at least worth bringing in for a try out. I'm sure if given the choice he would much rather come to a contender. Another big question is, what does Randy Moss think Randy Moss is worth these days? I'm sure he would want at least a couple million. If he is 70% of what he was in his prime, I think he's worth it...