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The Business Of Football

Forget about that huge salaries that the NFL players receive for playing a game in front of millions of people and are worshipped like idols for wearing their team's jerseys. What about the huge cost to us, the fans, for not only going to the games, but the jerseys we buy, the other memorabilia, the food and drink before and during the game, much less the advertising and other revenue dollars the league brings in to make the rich (players, owners) richer and the poor (fans) poorer.

"The Business of Football" breaks down the NFL experience in an interesting and easy to read graphic which puts a "price tag" on the game. From the over $10 billion spent on Super Bowl 45 alone to cost for a family of four to attend a game (over $400), the infographic puts the costs into football terms, with four "downs" of categories.

1st Down: The Fans (tickets, parking jerseys, food)

2nd Down: On The Field (players' equipment costs)

3rd Down: Financials (player costs, stadiums, advertising)

4th Down: Final Score (team revenues, franchise values)