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Would Terrell Owens Have Helped Ravens?

Former NFL star wide receiver Terrell Owens has been in the news lately, not only for football but because he recently appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, saying that he was financially broke and needed a job. Word was that he was even considering playing in the Arena Football League. Now it appears that he is speaking out on how he could have helped the Baltimore Ravens reach the ultimate goal of playing and even winning the Super Bowl.

One article by CSN-Washington's John Eisenberg referred to an interview Owens had with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where TO said the Ravens had brought in free agents the past two years and they had dropped crucial passes both years that he believes he would have held onto.

After dissing Baltimore years ago when apparently traded to the Ravens only to see him eventually wind up with the Philadelphia Eagles, now the desperate former Pro Bowl player seems ready to do anything to get back in the NFL. The question is not only do the Ravens even want to consider bringing in the volatile Owens, much less do the fans want to see him in purple next season?