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"State of the Ravens" Press Conference

The Baltimore Ravens held their annual "State of the Ravens" press conference at their Owing Mills, Maryland Practice Facility and Baltimore Beatdown was in attendance along with a large contingent of other media. Owner Steve Bisciotti, General Manager Ozzie Newsome, Head Coach John Harbaugh and Team President Dick Cass sat at the head table taking questions from reporters for around an hour.

The questions ranged from have you gotten over the loss to owner Bisciotti ("No"), to the decision to move Training Camp from Westminster to specific player personnel decisions looming for the team. Baltimore Beatdown also got a question in on what Bisciotti was planning for Super Bowl Sunday, including what team he may be rooting for.

Bisciotti lamented the tough decision to not return to Westminster for summer Training Camp, but promised to make every effort to take care of the fans, holding open practices at the stadium and other places. He specifically mentioned Annapolis, where the team could hold a practice at the Naval Academy's stadium, adding jokingly that he'd like to "get you all down to McGarvey's (Saloon & Oyster Bar) and have some fun down there!"

While the other key people sat alongside Bisciotti, this was the only chance most reporters would have any opportunity to ask him specific questions and they focused on finding out his opinions much more so than the others. The team owner addressed a myriad of topics, including Ed Reed's definitive decision to return for at least another year ("Ed doesn't give definitive decisions"), to Ray Rice and Joe Flacco's contract status ("Ray and Joe will be part of this football team next year - guaranteed").