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Flying To The Super Bowl First Class

Gulfstream IV
Gulfstream IV

While the many fans that are trudging to Indianapolis to see their favorite team play in the Super Bowl, there is a slightly better way to do it than to just squeeze into row 25 of coach on your typical airline and suffer until you finally reach your destination after a few hours of torture. Why should the trip to the destination not be as much a part of the entire vacation as opposed to the unfortunate necessary obstacle to just getting there?

Now you can not only travel in comfort and luxury, but the journey might end up being the best part of the entire trip, to a point that you cannot wait for the weekend to be over with so you can sit back and enjoy the return trip home as much as you did the ride there. When the New York Giants and New England Patriots were set as opponents after winning their respective conference championship games, private airlines were inundated with travel requests.

Charter jet company, PlaneClear, based in Long Island City, New York, has been flooded with booking inquires, for 120-foot private jets to a seaplane that can land on water near a friend's boat. PlaneClear works with a variety of charter operators so they can offer concierge-type services to meet the needs of everything from the size and type of jet available to specific food and drink orders for the flight.

(Read more on what you can get through PlaneClear and see more photos of the types of jets you can charter to the Super Bowl or for your next unforgettable vacation )


Prices for chartering these jets are based on the number of passengers that will be traveling, with planes ranging from less than seven passengers to almost twenty guests. A smaller, "light" jet, such as a Citation Encore, can run around $13,000, while a larger, "heavy" jet such as a Gulfstream IV, can cost as much as $32,000 for round-trip flights.


Along with the flights, some of the "deals" for reserving these private jets can include invitations to one of the many special, exclusive Super Bowl parties being held the weekend of the Super Bowl. Also available are private ground transportation and in some cases, tickets to the Big Game itself.


Special requests have been known to include designer cakes on-board the flight in the shape of a football helmet, complete with the favorite team's logo, as well as beer bottle holders with the team log on it. Seats can be covered in team logos, with blankets, pillows and jerseys all in team colors. One client even requested that the airline crew wear the jerseys of the client's favorite team.

Check out the photos attached of these luxurious and unique ways to enhance what will already be an amazing weekend. So if you are already spending a small fortune to stay and watch the Super Bowl, why not spend a little (or a lot) more to get there and home in style and first class?