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Deflated Is An Understatement

While I have maintained optimism all year, today's loss really dampened my spirits.

Rob Carr

Tonight's loss to the Washington Redskins said something about the Baltimore Ravens; "rah-rah"ing your team can only get you so far. The metaphoric pendulum that is the 2012 Baltimore Ravens seems to be swinging in the negative direction these last two weeks as the Baltimore Ravens have dropped two in a row. One to the injury-laden Pittsburgh Steelers and one to the rookie-led Washington Redskins.

These two losses are more than two letters in the loss-column, they are a statement about the status of the Baltimore Ravens. We have replacement players in just about every position on defense, and a team just can't win with a group of scrubs on defense. Our offense has been good at points this season, but they have been mind-boggling inconsistent. It's just been a cluster-fuck of problems throughout the year, and honestly I feel drained. The Baltimore Ravens looked to be a team of resiliency earlier on this year, but after losing two close games that looks to be changing.

I honestly feel like it's time to make some changes. I have some ideas as to what, which I will use as my post on Wednesday, but right now I just don't even want to think about the Ravens. Have a good night you guys.