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What A Game... For The Redskins

Another overtime game for the Ravens results in another loss

Patrick McDermott

Well, it was an up and down game for both teams on this cold, rainy Sunday in Washington. Both the Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens came out on fire scoring on three out of the first four drives of the game.

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III had the Rave defense off balance in the first quarter with the combination of the running game and play-action passing, scoring touchdowns on their first two offensive possessions. Rookie running back Alfred Morris ran exceptionally well early on and gave the Ravens defense fits trying to defend the run and the pass.

The Ravens, on the other hand used Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and Anquan Boldin to keep up with the high flying skins and knot the game up at 14. Then, after the teams exchanged turnovers with fumbles by Morris and Flacco and a costly interception in the red zone by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

The Ravens had the game all but in hand when the Redskins fumbled a punt that was recovered by Baltimore. However, the officials ruled that Ravens special teamer David Reed was Ruled out of bounds during the recovery.

This is where the fun starts. Redskins quarterback RG3 was knocked out of the game due to injury. That's when Back up quarterback Curt Cousins came in and drove his team down the field to not only score a touchdown to make the game 28-26 Ravens but then pulled off a two point conversion to put the game into over time. Unbelievable...

Baltimore won the coin toss and elected to receive the ball hoping to either score the game winner or force the Redskins into bad field position and make the rookie move the ball all the way down field to score. Unfortunately the Ravens could do nothing with their first possession and Brandon Crawford returned the ball into field goal range to all but end the game. In the ensuing play Ed Reed was called for an off side to get the Redskins even closer.

What a pathetic second half performance by the Ravens to another back up quarterback. At least the Steelers and Bengals lost too... FML