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Where To Find Ravens Game On TV

The Baltimore Ravens play the Washington Redskins Sunday at 1pm (ET) and while the game is obviously on in both cities, what games will be on around the country?

Larry French

The Washington Redskins will host the Baltimore Ravens and their game will be on CBS. Depending on where you live, according to the website,, the CBS game could also be either the San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts, New York Jets at Jacksonville Jaguars or Kansas City Chiefs at Cleveland Browns.

The CBS late game (4pm ET) will be the Miami Dolphins at the San Francisco 49ers.

The FOX early game (1pm ET) in the Baltimore area will feature the Dallas Cowboys at Cincinnati Bengals. Baltimore viewers will also get to see the 4pm (ET) late game on FOX, which will be the New Orleans Saints at New York Giants.