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Could Weather Affect Ravens-Redskins?

The weather can be a significant factor in the NFL, helping one team while handcuffing the other.


When the Baltimore Ravens face the Washington Redskins tomorrow, the weather should not be a factor in the game, giving neither side an advantage. However, with temperatures around 50 degrees, it should be fine football weather as long as the the heavens do not open up.

According to the weather service, there is a 30% chance of rain at game-time. If it does rain, will the sloppy conditions favor the Ravens or Redskins? Cutting will be difficult on the Skins field surface, which is tough for defenses to react to a cutting runner. That could appear to give both offenses the advantage, including Redskins QB Robert Griffin III and Ravens RB Ray Rice.

However, it could also limit the runner's ability to make quick turns that might normally permit the runner to elude the defense, thus significantly neutralizing the advantage they may normally have. Overall, this will probably be a draw for any advantage each team would expect to have, but the two teams will then have to slug it out in the mud if there still are any muddy fields in the NFL anymore.