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Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Score Contest'

Beat out the rest of the others by predicting the winner and final score of the Baltimore Ravens at Washington Redskins game and win a cool prize.

Patrick Smith

Each week we hold this contest and give out a nice prize to the one who comes the closest to guessing the final score of the Ravens game. Last weekend, some Pittsburgh Steelers fan actually predicted the exact final score and of course, had his favorite team winning the game. It shouldn't have been to hard to guess the score, as it was the fourth time in the past ten regular season game that either the Ravens or Steelers have won by this 23-20 final score.

Post your prediction in the comments section below and you only get one entry per person. Remember, you must get the winner correct or your score guess will not matter. The person who comes closest will win the prize and if more than one person is correct, then we will just have to give out multiple prizes.

The deadline for posting your prediction will be 1pm (ET) on Sunday afternoon. In the likely event that no one gets their guess exactly correct, the final determination of who wins will be mine and mine alone, since I run this thing and need to feel powerful doing something in my life.

Good luck!