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Who Has The Best Nickname On The Ravens & NFL?

The NFL is filled with players who have cool, witty and fitting nicknames. Even the Baltimore Ravens have a bunch of them. Who do you think has the best nickname on the team and then who has the best in the entire league?

Rob Carr

The Ravens have a few on both sides of the ball that quickly come to mind. On the offensive side of the ball is of course, "Joe Cool,"(Joe Flacco) and also a guy known simply as "Q" (Anquan Boldin) Is "Little Ray" (Ray Rice) actually considered a nickname?

Defensively, the most popular has to be "T-Sizzle" (Terrell Suggs). There really isn't much more to mention, other than perhaps, "Mount Cody" (Terrence Cody) or "Ellerbeast" (Dannell Ellerbe), but the former is not playing too much anymore and the latter is really not "official," outside of this blog.

Around the league, is there a better nickname than "Megatron" for the Detroit Lions' Calvin Johnson? "All Day," Adrian Peterson is sweet, and I'm sure a lot of Ravens fans are never tired of hearing about "Matty Ice" (Matt Ryan)! Then again, is there truly a better one in the league than "Big Ben" (Ben Roethlisberger)? Then again, Ravens fans certainly hope they don't hear a lot about a guy nicknamed "RG3" (Robert Griffin III) this weekend, right?

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