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"Sugar's Back!"

Ray Lewis's return to practice did not go unnoticed by a certain 5'8" running back from Rutgers...


Ray Lewis returned to practice Wednesday and while he will not be playing this Sunday against the Washington Redskins, his moral support for the team will not go unnoticed. Even Ray Rice proclaimed, "Sugar's back", in this 2 minute film of Lewis's return.

It certainly will be a big boost to the team's spirits to have the undisputed team leader back after a close, heart-breaking defeat against the Pittsburgh Steelers. This season has been marked by overcoming adversity and Ray Lewis's groundbreaking return to the field after so many news sources ruled him out for the season (and some even said his career was over) will be added to the list of struggles that the Ravens have had to overcome.

Look for Lewis to return to the field on December 16th against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.