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More Injuries Pile Up For Ravens

Terrell Suggs may end up back on the sidelines after suffering torn biceps in Steelers loss.

Larry French

Of course Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs is telling Ravens fans not to worry about his injury. He wouldn't want the entire fan base to jump off of a cliff after his teams latest loss.

the Ravens may have lost a lot more than just their pride and place in the standings in the AFC on Sunday evening. They may have, yet again, lost their best defensive player.

We don't know yet. Of course we will have to wait for a second opinion to tell us all what the first opinion already has, that Suggs has suffered a torn biceps and will most likely be watching next weeks game from the sidelines. Oh well, at least we won't have to watch him try and chase around RG3 all game then. That pleasure will now probably fall on the rest of the Ravens, not so fearsome, pass rush.

Well, we know it is torn but here is the important part per ESPN's Adam Schefter:

"some doctors say you can play through certain torn biceps injuries; other doctors say there are torn biceps injuries you cannot play through,"

So, that tells us a lot.
Hopefully we will know soon enough. Until then, what's on T.V. tonight?