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Final AFC Playoff Picture

With all of the AFC games of meaning having concluded, we finally know who's playing who in the play-offs.

I can already feel the play-off tension in the air.
I can already feel the play-off tension in the air.

Below is a list of the seeding of the AFC teams and who they will be playing next in brackets.

#1) Denver Broncos (Opponent will be determined after AFC Wild-Card Round concludes): After completing their rout of the Kansas City Chiefs, the Denver Broncos clinched the #1 seed in the AFC which means they have procured a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the play-offs. They will play the winner of the lowest winning seed of the AFC Wild-Card Round.

#2) New England Patriots (Opponent will be determined after AFC Wild-Card Round concludes): After a strong finish to the season, the New England Patriots find themselves with a final record of 12-4 holding the AFC's #2 seed and a first-round bye.

#3) Houston Texans (Will play the Cincinnati Bengals): The Houston Texans have lost the final two games of the season and find themselves backing into the play-offs with a 12-4 record and consequentially will have to play during the first week of the play-offs instead of being able to rest their players.

#4 Baltimore Ravens (Will play the Indianapolis Colts): The Baltimore Ravens have been cursed by an injury-plagued season but were able to win the AFC North divisional title for the second straight year. While they were not able to obtain the much-valued first-round bye, they did rest their starters today in a 23-17 loss against the Cincinnati Bengals and hope to make a miraculous run to the Super Bowl despite their overbearing hindrances.

#5 Indianapolis Colts (Will play the Baltimore Ravens): The Colts charmed season continues as they were able to defeat the Houston Texans to put their final record at an impressive 11-5 and will head into M&T Bank Stadium seeking to continue their wonderful, under-dog season.

#6 Cincinnati Bengals (Will play the Houston Texans): The Bengals have played very well this season and find themselves in the play-offs for the second consecutive season for the first time in quite a many years and will be heading into Houston to try to keep their season moving along.

I don't know all of the times for the games yet, but we finally know who is playing who. Once the official play-off schedule comes out I will be sure to post it here to give you guys a heads-up.