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Where To Find Ravens On TV

Ravens fans in the Baltimore viewing area will obviously be able to watch the game on CBS, but what about the rest of the country?

Patrick Smith

According to the website,, the Baltimore Ravens at the Cincinnati Bengals will be on CBS TV in both Baltimore and Cincinnati, as well as a lot of other cities across the nation. There will be four other early games (1pm ET) on CBS in various cities, as well as four more games on FOX at the same time. Check your local listings to see what game is own in your viewing area.

Both networks will have double-headers in week 17, including the Baltimore area. CBS and FOX each have three games to deliver to your area and of course the biggest of the weekend other than the Ravens-Bengals game, will be the Sunday Night Football match-up between the Dallas Cowboys at the Washington Redskins for all the marbles in the NFC East.