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Ravens @ Bengals: Game-Time 'Open Thread'

Join the chat LIVE as the Baltimore Ravens play at the Cincinnati Bengals!

Patrick Smith

Although there is a good chance that both the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals will not benefit in the playoff standings as a result of their game, there is still an outside chance that things could change if a few other games go their way today.

That could result in both teams not playing all of their starters or certainly not playing them all game long. At the same time, there seems to be more at stake for the Ravens than the Bengals and the possibility remains that these two teams may end up playing next week in the first round of the post season, this time in Baltimore.

In the meantime, join other Ravens fans here and post your comment as the game progresses. Keep it clean, er,...or at least try, and hopefully, we'll enough positive things to give us the confidence that that three-game losing streak funk is over with and the Ravens win last week is part of their return to a playoff powerhouse and getting ready for another deep run in the post season.