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Monday Night Football 'Open Thread'

While tonight's Monday Night Football game between the New York Giants and host Washington Redskins will not affect the Baltimore Ravens, fans should take note of the two teams.

The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

The Ravens travel to Washington to play the Redskins next Sunday and host the Giants in two weeks at M&T Bank Stadium. Both games figure to be tough challenges for different reasons. Washington offers up rookie QB Robert Griffin II, perhaps the most elusive player in the NFL right now. New York is the defending Super Bowl Champion and always seems to make a late-season run to get into the post season.

Therefore, keep an eye on these two teams in tonight's match-up to do your own version of scouting two of the Ravens four future opponents. Post your comments here in this game-time 'Open Thread' to postulate how you think Baltimore will do against each team.

The Ravens lost yesterday, but can get back on the winning track next week against their I-95 neighbors to the south and make a huge statement by defeating the Super Bowl champs two weeks later. For now, watch them beat each other up in their own hated rivalry. Enjoy!