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Several Ravens Starters Likely To Miss Bengals Game

With several key starters likely to miss this weekends match up with the division rival Cincinnati Bengals, why play anyone of importance?


In a recent story on Ravens reporter Ryan Mink suggested that several key starters may end up sitting out the Bengals game to get some much needed rest. This brings up the question, why play any of the key starters if you're not going to play some?

Mink suggested that the Ravens may choose to sit Haloti Ngata, Marshal Yanda, Anquan Boldin and Ray Lewis. Lewis, I'm sure was expected to sit as he has not played since early in the season but with the Bengals leading the NFL in sacking the quarterback, Joe Flacco could find himself running for his life for much of the game without his best linemen and go-to receiver on the field.

On the other hand the Ravens have only had a few games with new offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell calling the shots and could definitely use this opportunity against a top rated defense to see where they are collectively at this point heading into the post season.

One would think that with all of the turn around the Ravens have dealt with from injuries to coaching changes this would be a huge game to try and smooth things out before they start the playoffs.

Then there is the school of thinking that this game could be essentially meaningless and why risk injury to players that are already dealing with problems themselves. It seems to me that, first of all the Ravens are keeping all of their cards very close to their chest, rightfully so, and secondly if they are going to go one way they should just go all the way that way and not half and half.

If Baltimore is worried about more players catching the injury bug they should sit all valuable starters for this game. If they are worried about the team chemistry and continuity heading into the playoffs they should play every healthy, available player. I'm not sure which mindset they are currently on track with because they simply will not just come out and say it but going at it half way, in either way just seems to me to be a disaster waiting to happen.

Just my opinion Ravens fans. What do you think?