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Ravens That Need To Play Sunday

Three Ravens that must play against Cincinnati this weekend.

Larry French

Terrence Cody,

Terrence Cody has had an up and down career as a professional. He was considered a steal when the Ravens drafted him in the second round of the 2010 draft and played well in his first season. Cody has struggled with weight issues since he came into the NFL and his play has dropped with his weight in 2012. Cody needs reps at his current weight if the Ravens are going to get positive production from him in the post season and should play the entire game against the Bengals.

Jimmy Smith,

Much like Cody, Smith has gone from being one of the Ravens brightest young prospects to borderline bust this season. He still has a ways to go as an NFL corner and the good thing is he has all the physical tools to get there but "there" may not be what the Ravens had hoped for when they used a first round pick on him last season. Smith has struggled with double moves and getting caught out of position in the NFL. During his rookie season he had moments of good play but they have come fewer and far between this season. If Smith wants to contribute this postseason at all he will have to show some serious adjustments against the Bengals.

Chykie Brown,

On a more positive note, Brown was quite a pleasant surprise against the struggling New York Giants this past weekend. He looked like a Pro Bowl corner against a pretty talented cast of New York receivers. Brown has good size and speed as well but was a late round draft pick due to his limited playing time in college. The Ravens seem to have seen something in him to give him the start at nickel and he showed it on the field last Sunday. Brown could end up being a valuable piece of the puzzle come post season with much of the Ravens secondary injured. Chykie should see significant time against the Bengals so the team can find out if he is for real.