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Have Ravens Really Turned It Around?

We may not find out until the playoffs.

Patrick Smith

For the past three weeks leading up to the Giants game many Ravens fans had come close to jumping ship and considering the season all but over even though the team had already clinched a playoff berth and had a leg up on the AFC North title. Then, in the midst of adversity, with many of their leaders still unable to play, the Ravens came out against the defending Super Bowl Champions and beat the snot out of them.

The win wasn't just convincing because of the lopsided score. It was more than that, the team looked different, more confident even. They ran their routes better, caught balls they may have dropped a week ago and made tackles they have been missing for weeks.

The Baltimore Ravens did all this with half of their starting defense consisting of second and third string players. They didn't play like it though. They played like they had been starting all season and had to put this game away to fight for their playoff lives.

The problem with this team has not been stepping up and winning big games occasionally though. They have been doing that for years. The problem has been consistency and taking that high flying show on the road. Yes, the Ravens looked great with their new offensive coordinator against the Giant at home but can they do it again? On the road even?

We may not get the chance to find out. The Ravens could choose to rest their starters for the final game if it makes no difference in the playoff seeding. The Ravens will play the Cincinnati Bengals this weekend but many of our questions may end up going unanswered until the playoffs. Maybe that's a good thing...