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What Was Dean Peas "Secret Plan" For Giants?

Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Peas had something special in mind for the New York Giants. Whatever it was, it worked...

Patrick Smith

I was watching ESPN shortly after the Ravens had handily dismantled the New York Giants yesterday and I heard ESPN analyst and former New England Patriots Safety Rodney Harrison say something interesting. Harrison said that he had been in touch with his former defensive coach (Dean Peas) and that Peas had something special in mind for New York. Whatever it was that Peas had in mind I wish he would keep it in his mind for the rest of the season/postseason because it was definitely effective. The Ravens went on to beat the snot out of the Giants.

So what was it that Peas saw in the team from New York that made him so sure the Ravens depleted defense could handle them? The pass rush, which has been inconsistent all season, was terrific. The secondary, which has been decimated by injuries, was everywhere. Guys like Chykie Brown, James Ihedigbo and Omar Brown were flying around knocking balls out of the air and even sacking the quarterback. Even Ed Reed seemed to look a few years younger.

The return of linebacker Danelle Ellerbe certainly helped the team as he was flying all over the place making tackles and putting pressure on the quarterback but this was still a busted up unit consisting of many back ups and even third string players that shut down the reigning Super Bowl Champions.

One thing is for sure, the defense got the rest it needed to stay fresh and on top of their game. The offense put together many long, time consuming drives that kept the unit well rested and ready when they had their chance. So, the defense benefited from the offense's great performance as well but they were still playing a team that was the best in the NFL last season and played some pretty convincing games this season as well.

So, what was it? What do you think Ravens Nation? What was Dean Peas master plan?