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Ravens That Good Or Giants That Bad?

Everything seemed to work for the Ravens this week, a far cry from the past few games.

Patrick Smith

How is it that younger brother Eli Manning has more Super Bowl rings than older brother Peyton? I used to think it was because he simply played for a better team but you could never say that after watching them this week.

Everything the Baltimore Ravens did seemed to work on Sunday against the New York Giants. It was like a dream come true for Ravens fans. Joe Flacco was converting third downs like he'd been doing it his whole life. The pass rush was fears, the secondary was everywhere, somehow Ed Reed found the fountain of youth (and will probably get fined for it and go back to arm tackling). What was it that brought out the best in all of out players at once.

Where the New York Giants just that bad this week? They certainly were last week, but you would think that would have been a wake up call, like the last three games have been for the Ravens.

I did notice a difference in the offense. Joe Flacco seemed to be taking more shorter three step drops and getting rid of the ball quicker when he stayed in the pocket, probably to negate the Giants pass rush. Well, for whatever reason, it worked and the Ravens looked, once again, like world beaters.

Hhhmmm... The Texans are suddenly looking quite beatable too. The Ravens have just assured themselves a home playoff game and if they suddenly have woken up just at the right time it will be a miracle. I'm just not sure we can keep up this type of play with guys like Omar Brown coming up with big time sacks.

However, for now, let's take this time to enjoy the win and seeing Haloti Ngata out there wrecking people like the "Defensive Player Of The Year" again. There will be plenty of time to dissect what happened between the Ravens and Giants this past Sunday, including Dean Peas "special plan for Big Blue"...