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It's A Festivus Miracle: The Ravens Win The AFC North!

With a convincing 33-14 win over the New York Giants the Baltimore Ravens have won the AFC North for the second consecutive season.

The gang enjoying a glorious festivus victory.
The gang enjoying a glorious festivus victory.
Patrick Smith

Coming into this evening's game the Baltimore Ravens had lost three in a row and looked to be in an abysmal free-fall from play-off contenders to pedestrian at best. However, due to an all-out amazing outing from both the offense and defense they find themselves wearing the AFC North crown once again. Granted it may be about a month or so late, it is a still a tremendous feat nonetheless and due to the nature of the win the entire Baltimore Ravens franchise and fanbase finds themselves re-energized heading into next week's game against the Bengals and into the play-offs. Wins like this are the type of wins that can send a team into a run, and what a better time to heat up both offensively and defensively than two weeks before the play-offs?

Fun little fact for you guys; Joe Flacco broke his single-season passing yards record tonight (breaking 2012's mark of 3,622 passing yards), proving to all of the naysayers that he isn't a mediocre QB and was simply in a slump the previous trio of losses. When the Ravens brass takes a look at Flacco's season this offseason when determining whether or not to re-sign the QB, they will see this game as proof that he can be the dominate player they projected when he signed his rookie contract all the way back in 2008, and will be more than content to make Joe a "lifelong Raven".

I hope you all enjoyed the win tonight, and take care the remainder of the evening. To all of you die-hards making your way back from M&T Bank Stadium, be safe when driving home and remember that the combination of Natty Boh and euphoria does not give you the right to drive like a Colombian drug-lord engaged in a high-speed pursuit.

Happy Festivus to all, and to all a good night!!!