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How To Beat Big Blue?

How can the Ravens pull off what would be considered an upset, at this point?

Rob Carr

There is so much that goes on in an NFL football game that can determine the the outcome by the time the final seconds wind off the clock. Receivers need to create separation on offense. Screen plays need to be well designed so they aren't sniffed out by opposing defenders. Running backs need to find just the right hole to hit to turn a thee yard gain into a 20 yard gain.Blocking is probably the biggest issue for an offense. Especially an offense that caries an elite running back and slow-to-deliver the ball quarterback, like the Ravens.

Defensively it all starts up front. You can't allow the opposing teams to block our defensive line into the second level. Then tackling becomes a priority. Tackling is something the Ravens have whiffed at all year long. Whether it's Ed Reed with his one armed tackles or just straight up misses as we see our players being hurdled like inanimate objects and juked out of their shoes by average players, at best.

However, when it comes to beating the New York Giants the biggest key to victory is the offensive line finding a way to work as a unit to, not just give Joe Flacco time in the pocket, but create space for the deadly Ray Rice, who has been rendered nearly average by misuse in the offensive game planning.

I don't care if the Baltimore Ravens are down by 20 points in the 3rd quarter. Give the Rice the damn ball. You don't give your running back 20-30 touches just because you think he is eventually going to break a big one, you do it because it sets up so many other possibilities in play action and so much more.

Straying completely away from the run game has caused the Ravens games numerous times this season and has caused their offense to become predictable. Just think how much Jason Pierre-Paul and Osi Umenyiora will be licking their lips if the Ravens get down early and go into pure drop back and pass mode against Michael Oher and Kelechi Osemele without even the threat of the run. Flacco doesn't exactly scare anyone with his pocket awareness. These guys are great pass rushers but they are not great run defenders.

I'm going to say it one last time ravens Nation, Run the Damn ball!! And for god sakes block somebody....

Oh and a few side notes.

Bernard Pierce=the real deal. Get him the ball too.

Tandon Doss> Anquan Boldin. I love the guy but I've seen enough.

Put in Bryant McKinnie for god sakes. So what if he doesn't practice hard, at least the rest of the O-line would be better equipped to handle one of the leagues best pass rushes.... That is all. Thank you