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Where To Find The Ravens On TV

If you live in the Baltimore viewing area, this is no issue for you, although you might be surprised to find the Ravens game on FOX, not CBS this Sunday.


Watching the Baltimore Ravens is always best from a seat at M&T Bank Stadium. However, unless you are one of the 70,000 who have ponied up the bucks for PSL's and season tickets, you're going to probably catch the game on TV, either in the comfort of your home, a friend's or a local dining establishment.

This weekend, while the Ravens usually play on CBS, the game versus the New York Giants will be on FOX, which usually broadcasts the NFC. The game was "flexed" by the NFL a week or so ago and will begin at 4:25pm (ET). There will be no late game on CBS, so this is it for you if you live in the area and for some unknown reason, wanted to watch a different NFL game.

The early games are both solid options for Ravens fans, as the 1pm (ET) game on CBS features the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Cincinnati Bengals, a game with direct implications on the Ravens chase for the AFC North title. On FOX, the Washington Redskins are at the Philadelphia Eagles, a game with significant interest for Giants fans, much less those other fans down Interstate-95 from Baltimore.

Get all the listing for game around the country by going to, which has virtually every USA television market and which game will be showing in that viewing area.