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NFL Early Games 'Open Thread'

Since the Baltimore Ravens vs. New York Giants game does not start until 4:25pm (ET), there will be a slew of other pertinent games on the docket in the 1pm (ET) time slot that could affect both teams.

Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Prior to the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants getting it on at M&T Bank Stadium later this afternoon, there are a few games for Ravens fans to keep their collective eyes upon. These games could have an outcome on the Ravens playoff positioning as well as give you some insight on who their first round opponent could be.

The Pittsburgh Steelers-Cincinnati Bengals game is the most relevant to Ravens fans. A Steelers loss and they are out of the playoffs and that could make next week's game between the Ravens and Bengals for the AFC North title. A Steelers victory could mean that the Ravens might be fighting for the division depending on the outcome of this afternoon's game.

The Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots and Houston Texans are all playing earlier so their games could potentially affect the Ravens, as Baltimore could meet up with any or even all three along the way to the Super Bowl. Stay here with Baltimore Beatdown and post your thoughts on these and other games, as the New York Giants fans will be watching a few other games before turning their attention to the Ravens.