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Bernard Pollard Speaks Up

In other news, the world didn't end today.


Amidst all of the negativity surrounding the Ravens three game skid, Baltimore Ravens' Safety Bernard Pollard added more fuel to the fire on Wednesday when he spoke with the media. Personally I believe if you didn't play in the previous game you don't get to criticize the result even if it isn't entirely negative. But nevertheless here is what he said:

From BaltimoreRavens.Com:

"We're not good at a lot of things right now. We're going to be exposed, we've been exposed, and now it's time for us to go back to work and figure out how we can fix that. We've got to make a freaking run. For us, man, we dug a hole. We can't complain. We did it. We (threw) it away. As a team, we got to come together and we got to fix it.

Everybody is talking about, 'What happened?' Well, what happened is us. We are the problem. We have to fix this issue. Everybody is talking about, 'Well, you're in the playoffs,' Well, who cares? Because the way we've played, who cares about the playoffs? If we don't fix it, that's going to carry over to the playoffs. And we don't want that to happen. We have to come together. Whether we backed in, whether we slid in, it don’t matter. We’re in the playoffs.There’s so many teams that would love to switch positions with us right now that you have to be grateful with where you’re at. We worked our butt off to get nine wins.

We dug this hole that we’re in. We can’t blame nobody but ourselves, I’ve said this from the get go, and I’ve said this my whole career, it takes some people to eat humble pie before they realize the things that they need to do. We don’t like this situation we’re in. We don’t like losing three straight games. Nobody does. But it’s just to the point now where we have to get back at it. We dug the hole, now we got to find a way to get out of it. It starts with great preparation this week."

While he placed more than enough emphasis on the idiom, "We dug this hole we're in", it's hard to disagree with what he said. If the Ravens are to get back on track these final two weeks of the season before the play-offs, it needs to start now, because there's no way they make it past the first round if they continue to play the way they have the last three weeks.

I hope the team can pull together and out a run in place, or else 2012 was a waste of a year.