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Three Keys For Ravens Victory

What must Baltimore do to win today?



With Charlie Batch at the helm the

Baltimore Ravens defense must pin back their ears and sell out on the run, especially early on, The Steelers have four very capable running backs and will look to each of them to try and catch the Ravens off guard with a different running style.

Pittsburgh will run the ball to set up play action as well so the defense has to pick up on when this will occur but first things first. Stop the run. We can not afford to be giving up 5-7 yards on the ground on first and second downs against a good Steelers team.

2.) Score First

If the Ravens can put up points early in this game it will force the Steelers into panic mode and hopefully tempt them to put the ball in the air, which could mean pick city for Baltimore.

Not to mention that scoring early points will take pressure off quarterback Joe Flacco and allow him to become the comfortable Joe we all know and love at home.

3.) Keep Up The Good Work On Special Teams

There is no other way to say it, the Ravens special teams play has been awesome this season. From kicker Justin Tucker and punter Sam Koch to Jacoby Jones and the rest of the return squad, they have stepped it up in a major way.

The Ravens emphasis on special teams in the off-season has payed huge dividends in 2012. Both side of the return unit have played better. One problem may be that the too leaders on special teams, Corey Graham and Brendon Ayanbadejo will most likely be called upon to start on defense so they will not be as fresh as usual on kickoff coverage, if they are on the field at all. Other players will need to step up if they are not.

Either way, keep up the good work boys, you've done one hell of a job!