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NFL Early Games 'Open Thread'

Join the discussion live as you watch the 1pm (ET) NFL games prior to the Ravens & Steelers kicking off at 4pm (ET).

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Since the Baltimore Ravens game when they host the hated Pittsburgh Steelers does not kick off until 4pm, join the discussion live as you watch the 1pm (ET) games in your local TV viewing area. There are a few games of interest to Ravens fans, including the New England Patriots playing at the Miami Dolphins and the Houston Texans at the Tennessee Titans.

The other two AFC North teams play at the same 4pm (ET) time as the Ravens, with the Cincinnati Bengals playing at the San Diego Chargers and the Cleveland Browns at the Oakland Raiders. The Bengals and Steelers are competing for what could be one of two Wild Card slots after the Ravens repeat as AFC North division champs.

the Indianapolis Colts currently lead the race for the Wild Card and play at the Detroit Lions in one of the early games on Sunday's schedule.