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Draft Profile: Barrett Jones

Meet Barret Jones, the 6-5 wall from Alabama who can play every position on the offensive line.

Kevin C. Cox

After the Baltimore Ravens' second blow-out of the season it is becoming increasingly obvious there are problems that need to be fixed. Specifically on offense. While the Baltimore Ravens fired offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, before last Sunday's game the offense still had trouble getting it done; which is to be expected when your Quarterback is on his back every other play. What am I getting at here? Well to put it simply, the offensive line has more holes than a block of Swiss cheese.

I believe the solution to this problem can be found in Barrett Jones; the 6-5, 310 lb. offensive lineman from Alabama who can play Guard, Tackle, and Center. Barrett Jones is an exceptional player for many reasons. He can play every position on the line, he graduated with a 4.0 which implies that he is an extremely intelligent person which will hopefully translate into quickly learning any complex offensive schemes in the NFL, and he's won multiple award (most notably the Rimington award which is annually given to the best Center in the NCAA). Another notable achievement of Jones' is that he was voted first-team All-SEC in both 2011 and 2012 (while playing Tackle in 2011 and Center in 2012). Barrett Jones isn't just versatile, he's versatile and talented, which is a rare combination.

Whether or not Barrett Jones slips to the Ravens likely mid-20s pick will depend on what position on the line Jones says he'll play in the NFL and how well he does in the NFL Scouting Combine. If he does, however, slip to the Ravens I think he would be an obvious selection considering Ozzie Newsome loves his 'Bama boys, and Matt Birk will more than likely be done at the end of this season. All things considering, I honestly believe Barret Jones could make a case for the best offensive lineman in the upcoming draft.

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