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The Gillette 'No Debate' Question Of The Week

The Gillette 'No Debate' question of the week is: What NFL coach would you be more comfortable with leading your team into the playoffs and why?

Jim Rogash

Go to the Gillette 'No Debate' contest page on Facebook and either post your answer, vote or comment on one of the many answers others have already posted. Many of the comments there have the response to the debate question being open to the greatest coaches of all time, while others are limiting to coaches currently leading one of the league's 32 teams.

While it would be easy to choose one of the obvious Hall of Fame coaches from the legendary Vince Lombardi to the outspoken Mike Ditka, I'd prefer to limit the debate on this site to a currently employed member of the NFL. Pick one coach out of the current 32 teams in the league and give us your reasoning why he would be the one to lead your team into the post season.

Of course, by the term, "your team," we are now talking about the Baltimore Ravens. Feel free to choose current head coach John Harbaugh, but be ready to get slammed in the comments section, as you'd be saying you felt he is the best head coach in the NFL right. Surprisingly, on the Gillette Facebook page, there are some votes for John's brother, Jim, with the comment that he gets the most of his players based on his experience as a former NFL quarterback.

Me? I'll still take New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, as he seems to be the most prepared coach in the league and has his team in the playoffs virtually every single year. I actually thought about choosing Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, but just couldn't bring myself to actually doing that. One could easily argue that New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin should be the guy, as after all, he has beaten Belichick twice in the past five Super Bowls.

So let's start the debate. Who's leading your team?