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Despite Late Charge Of Life Broncos Oust Ravens

Denver Broncos-34 Baltimore Ravens-17

Rob Carr

Well folks, the Baltimore Ravens have dropped three straight games and now stand at 9-5. The offense played horridly for the first 3 quarters, and due to a content Denver team were able to squeeze 14 points on the board in the 4th quarter. The defense was systematically dismantled for 4 straight quarters and seemed unable to find a stop for the potent Broncos' offense which put up 350 total yards. The Baltimore Ravens seemed to be neutralized the entire 60 minutes, and the only point where the game even seemed close was before halftime until Joe Flacco threw a pick-six to put the Broncos up 17-0. There are honestly no other words to describe this game than as a complete and total failure.

Join us next week as the Baltimore Ravens try to clinch a play-off birth on December 23rd. Hopefully Santa Claus will find it in his heart to give this Ravens team a win next week, but the way they've been playing lately we should all expect to a stocking full of coal. Have a great evening Ravens fans and try to enjoy the remainder of this Sunday!