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Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Score Contest'

Enter Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Score Contest' and win a cool prize by coming the closest to guessing the winner and final score of this Sunday's Ravens-Broncos game.


The Baltimore Ravens host the Denver Broncos tomorrow afternoon and a lot more is on the line than just playoff hopes. There is also a real cool prize for the lucky or perhaps super-intelligent person who can name the winner and predict the final score of the game.

Do just that and you will be shortly receiving a piece of memorabilia that will make you the object of envy from your friends when they find out what you just did. Post your guess in the comments section below prior to the 1pm (ET) kickoff. Make sure you pick the winning team and the score, because if you do not list the team who will win, your entry will be null and void, even though I'm not too sure why I have to say both "null" and "void."

Only one entry per person and if more than one person predicts the same score and winner, we'll just have to give out multiple prizes. As always, the final determination of any tie guesses remains mine and mine alone.

Good Luck & Go Ravens!!!