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What Will Change Under Caldwell?

What will Jim Caldwell do to change the Ravens offense?

Rob Carr

Jim Caldwell was the best option on a very short list of who the Ravens could have brought it as their new offensive coordinator. Caldwell has called plays before but it has been years, since his college coaching years actually.

So, what should Ravens fans expect this weekend going up against a tough Denver Broncos defense and Peyton Manning at the helm on offense?

Well, Caldwell could help defensive coordinator Dean Pees prepare for Manning as he was his quarterbacks coach for 10 years and Super Bowl winning head coach for a year. Jim must have all sorts of inside knowledge on Peyton as the two have spent years developing together. I' m sure, just like any other quarterback, Manning has "tells" as to what he is going to do on each offensive snap. However, with Manning fully aware of Caldwells presence on the Ravens sidelines I'm sure he will switch some things up so he can win the chess game between he and Caldwell/Peas.

On the other hand there is Joe Flacco, who was never really a fan of Cam Cameron should see more freedom in his play-calling at the line of scrimmage and could see his numbers greatly increase under the tutelege of Caldwell. In the beginning of the season Flacco had a quicker release and was avoiding the strip-sack-fumbles for the most part but as the season wore on he started to fall asleep in the pocket again. Maybe the change to shake things up is just what we need after to extremely tough losses.

In any case Ravens fans will finally get to see what Joe Cool can do in a new offensive system. One built for tall, slow, strong armed quarterbacks. It could be the perfect fit. Or, have we already seen the best of Joe Flacco? This week will be just a small sample of things to come. Trust me though, if Caldwell wants to keep this job we will need to put some points on the board over the next three games or the team may be shopping for a whole slew of new coaches in the off-season.