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Ravens: #2 Playoff Seed Not Out Of The Question

The Baltimore Ravens are reeling from two straight losses but are still in control of their own destiny and can earn the #2 playoff seed....if:

Rob Carr

Although so many fans of the Baltimore Ravens are disgusted and frustrated over losing their last two games on the final play, the team remains in the same place in the division standings, two games up on both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC North.

However, watching the opposing team's field goals end the previous two games made that sinking feeling rise from the gut to the heart and make one wonder if they can win another game in the 2012 regular season. Even if they don't win the rest of the regular season, there is a better than average chance they will still "back into" the post season.

At the same time, in this crazy world known as the NFL,or as's Dave Dameshek refers to as the N"if"L, a lot can change form one week to another, including the direction of the outlook on the Ravens season. While there is every reason to now feel Baltimore will lose the remainder of their games, there should also be a glimmer of belief they can sweep the next three games as well.

Think of it this way: Why are you so frustrated the Ravens lost the past two weeks? Simple, it's because in your heart and head, you know the Ravens are better than this, good enough to have won those games, which they obviously should have. Furthermore, when the Ravens play to their potential, they can compete and beat pretty much any team in the league and certainly any of the remaining games on their schedule.

The Ravens have been virtually unbeatable at home, at least they were until a week or so ago. They han't lost two games in a row, at least prior to the other day, for over three years. They haven't lost three games in a row since that same time, which was weeks four through six of the 2009 season. Yet they still made the playoffs that year and won their first playoff game.

The thing is, Baltimore definitely has the ability to beat the Denver Broncos next week, the New York Giants the following week and the Cincinnati Bengals to close out the regular season. A three-game sweep will get the Ravens to 12-4 and if the New England Patriots lose to San Francisco 49ers next week, the Ravens would be the #2 playoff seed in the AFC, with a first-round bye and then a home game.

Stay positive, Ravens fans!