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With Caldwell Running Offense What Does That Mean For Rice?

Jim Caldwell is known for his pass-first offense. Will Ray Rice's Role diminish?


Everywhere new Ravens offensive coordinator, Jim Caldwell has coached the passing game has become the focal point of the offense. How will that work with the Baltimore Ravens, whose best player is their running back?

For the Ravens to be a dominant offensive team, which they must while the defense continues to struggle with injuries, they must involve Ray Rice. Rice is the teams best offensive weapon and should be the driving force behind this offense no matter the coordinator.

Caldwell served as an assistant coach at the University of Iowa, Southern Illinois University, Northwestern, Colorado, Louisville, and Penn State before being named head coach at Wake Forest in 1993. He was the first African-American coach in the ACC.

In eight years, Caldwell had a record of 26–63. He installed a powerful passing attack that set numerous school records (many of which have since been broken under his successor, Jim Grobe). However, his teams rarely ran well; in one year the Demon Deacons' leading rusher only notched 300 yards for the entire season. He only had one winning season, in 1999 when the Deacons won the Aloha Bowl. -Wikipedia