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Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Score' Contest

Place your guess on the final score and win a cool prize.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

Post your best guess at the winner and final score of the Baltimore Ravens vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers game and the one who gets the closest will win a prize. You only get one chance and the contest deadline is Sunday at 4pm (ET). You must pick both the winner and the score, meaning if you get the score exactly right but the winner wrong, you still lose.

In the event that there is a tie, then if both guesses are exactly correct, there will be multiple prizes awarded. However, if there are two close guesses that are different but the same amount of points off the actual final score, the decision as to who the winner is remains at the sole discretion of Baltimore Beatdown.

So join the others at entering Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Score' Contest and give it your best shot to see what piece of Ravens memorabilia you can win. Good luck!

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