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Game-Day Experience: How Do You Watch The Baltimore Ravens? (Part 1)

Everyone has their personalized game-day experience, and we want to hear yours.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Football, for many die-hard fans, can almost be a religious experience... especially when it comes to our favorite team. This will be a two-part series, and for Part 1, we want to hear about your game-day setup.

Do you have a man-cave decked out with 50" plasmas? Do you have your favorite seat at the local sports bar? Are you tailgating in the parking lot and then listening on the radio?

For me, I'm typically working - When the Ravens are on the road, it's Baltimore Beatdown's main page, Twitter, Facebook, and when they play at home, I'm in my seats at the game. My set-up is a 63" HD television with an accompanying Bose Surround System, my laptop and sometimes iPad fired up, and whatever food that tickled my fancy that day. Once I'm in the zone, I'm there until the end.

For next week's post (Part 2), we will focus on rituals, superstitions, etc., but right now, I want to hear about your setup. Big screen? Sports bar? Tailgate?

How do YOU watch the Ravens?

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