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Jacoby Jones To See More Action

"Let’s get Jacoby out there a little more, let’s get Tandon out there a little more" -John Harbaugh (Via


The Baltimore Ravens have been have seemingly been having some troubles on offense these last few weeks in comparison to their explosive first quarter of the season. Cam Cameron thinks this could be attributed to a lack of playmakers on the field. So what's his solution to this problem? Well it's quite simple, he wants to get the "playmakers" on the field more often.

One of these playmakers, for example, is Jacoby Jones who was one of Joe Flacco's favorite targets the first three games of the season. Jacoby's numbers have been considerable less the last four weeks, however, pulling in just 4 catches for 32 yards.

Jones is obviously a speedy-guy who is a constant "homerun threat", so I would look for him to be more involved in the offensive gameplan as the Ravens go into the final stretch of the season.

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