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Meet Sam Gordon: Best 9 Year Old Football Player?

Sam Gordon dominates the other nine-year olds on the football field.

Jonathan Daniel

Sam Gordon may be one of the best nine-year old football players you will ever season. Sam's 2012 season statistics are mind-boggling: 35 touchdown, 1,911yards rushing on 232 carries, 8.2 yards per carry and oh yeah, 65 tackles on defense as well. Gordon took the very first snap of the season 63 yards for a touchdown and has scored every TD for the team this year.

Sam's tested as the fastest of any player in every pre-season speed and agility drill in the entire league. Oh, by the way, did we forget to mention that Sam's name is short for Samantha and she is the only girl in her league?

The scary thing is, Sam prefers to be a soccer player and by the looks of this video, she seems well on her way to perhaps becoming a household name as a member of the USA women's Olympic team in another decade or so. A member of the women's team spoke with her in this ABC News story with more video.

Check it out!