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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 10

Baltimore Beatdown picks the winners in this weekend's NFL games.

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Another solid week of picking the games last week, although my "Upset Special Pick of the Week" of the Tennessee Titans over the Chicago Bears sort of fell flat on my arse when da' Bears put a 51-20 bestdown of epic proportions on the Titans. Ouch.

However, I rebounded to only miss on three other games the rest of the weekend. We'll do it again in week 10, starting with tonight's Thursday Night Football game, and as always, I'll pick & pan the Baltimore Ravens hosting the Oakland Raiders in tomorrow's post.

Colts over Jaguars (Thursday Night Football): Jacksonville might actually be the worst team in football, but get to host a prime time game and Ravens fans know that this could still be a tough place to play (see 2011 season). However, Indianapolis' Andrew Luck is looking like the right pick at #1 overall and has his team headed towards the post season, unheard of after the loss of Peyton Manning.

Broncos over Panthers: One analyst thinks Denver might not lose again this season (other than Ravens game) if they continue to play the way they have recently. Meanwhile Cam Newton and his Carolina teammates are finding it tough going in his sophomore season, with only flashes of the brilliance he showed last year.

Giants over Bengals: This would continue to help Baltimore in the AFC North, as another Cincinnati loss could virtually doom their season if it isn't over already.New York has been hit or miss at times but you just know they have the ability to go all the way again.

Dolphins over Titans: Miami has been playing solid football and at home against a Tennessee team that was demolished on both sides of the ball in their own crib last week, and therefore they should come out on top at home.

Lions over Vikings: Minnesota started off strong while Detroit started the complete opposite. Neither team may make the post season but it appear their roles are reversing and this battle may be for non-bragging rights of the basement of the NFC North.

Patriots over Bills: New England is still tough at home and Buffalo just does not have the horses to keep up with Tom Brady and company. This could be a blowout and this is a game between a team with one of the best turnover differentials in the league (Pats) versus one with one of the worst (Bills). Ouch.

Saints over Falcons: Yup, Atlanta leaves the ranks of the undefeated in New Orleans. This qualifies as my "Upset Special Pick of the Week." The scoreboard may burn up with all the points on the board, so keep an eye on this one while watching the Ravens game.

Buccaneers over Chargers: Of course San Diego should win this game, but they have been so god-awful at times and it looks like Tampa Bay is ramming the ball down opponent's throats, so I can see the home field advantage aiding the Bucs and Phil Rivers throwing picks and making that whiny face a few more times.

Seahawks over Jets: Seattle remains one of the toughest places to win on the road (see Ravens 2011 again!) and New York is just imploding every week now. Perhaps we'll see a Tim Tebow sighting for more than just a play here and there?

Eagles over Cowboys: Be prepared to get whiplash as you follow the football going one way in the air and then being returned the other way due to an interception. These two NFC East turnover machines continue to disappoint their fans but should make for an interesting game, and I'll take Philadelphia's play-makers over Dallas' in what surprisingly qualifies by the odds-makers as an "Upset Special Pick of the Week."

49ers over Rams: San Francisco will leave their NFC West opponents in the rear-view mirror as the combination of their running game, defense and home-field advantage is way too much for St. Louis to overcome.

Bears over Texans (Sunday Night Football): Hate to say this, but could Chicago and Houston be giving us a glimpse of the Super Bowl match-up a few months early? Both teams are playing great on both sides of the ball and the mere fact that this game is in the Windy City is the only reason I'm going with the home team.

Steelers over Chiefs (Monday Night Football): Really, ESPN? What were you expecting when you scheduled Kansas City for this game? At least we will be able to go to sleep early as this game will be over long before halftime. The best thing about it is that Pittsburgh has a short week before the Ravens go there next Sunday night.

Last Week: 10-4

Season Record: 86-47