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Alabama Versus The NCAA & NFL

Alabama might be the class of college football , but could they compete at the NFL level?

Kevin C. Cox

The Alabama Crimson Tide might rule the NCAA college football gridiron, as evidenced by the winning the BCS National Championship last year and appearing well on their way to repeating this season as well. However, with a few other top teams thinking otherwise, here's how they fare against the remaining contenders for their crown on the college gridiron.

According to RJ Bell of the sports getting information site,, after talking to numerous bookmakers in Las Vegas, if Alabama played Oregon on a neutral field, the Crimson Tide would be a six-point favorite. In addition, on neutral fields, the Tide would be a ten-point favorite over Kansas State, as well as a 13-point favorite over the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

If Alabama played the worst NFL team (currently the Jacksonville Jaguars) on a neutral field, 'Bama would be a 24-point underdog. This shows the disparity that remains between the college and professional levels of play.

I requested one additional set of odds, asking RJ Bell how Alabama would do against the Baltimore Ravens, who have one of the better records in the NFL. Bell responded immediately that not only would he be glad to help me out with that request, adding that the Ravens would be 36-point favorites to demolish the team that was the alma mater of the Ravens General Manager, Ozzie Newsome and defensive players Terrence Cody and Courtney Upshaw.