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Ravens Playoff Chances Good: Super Bowl? Not So Much

The Ravens appear to be on their way to making the playoffs again, but they are not expected to go all the way.

Jason Miller

According to the website, the Baltimore Ravens have some good news and bad news regarding their post season chances. Sport Club Stats sheds light on three things:

1. A team's odds of making the playoffs

2. How's today's games impacts those odds

3. How well they need to finish the season to have a shot

The good news is that, according to the site, the Ravens have an 87% chance to make the playoffs for the fifth time in a row, the longest current streak in the NFL. The bad news is that they are not likely to go further than where they've made it over the past four seasons, as their odds of winning the Super Bowl are listed as less than 3%.

The 87.9% of the Ravens’ chances of making the playoffs after Sunday’s win is a 9% jump from last week. They need 4 wins out of the remaining 8 to be a virtual lock. Even with a 3-5 finish, there would still be a 78% chance of clinching.

According to the site, the Ravens have a 25% chance of earning a first-round bye. Their likeliest seed is 2nd, and their likeliest first-round opponent (if they don’t get a bye) is the Steelers. But their chance of winning the Super Bowl is only – yikes – 2.6%.