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Sunday Night Football 'Open Thread'

Watch tonight's game or talk about the Ravens win in this 'Open Thread'

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Baltimore Ravens might have escaped with another victory today, but they still won and their 6-2 record keeps them ahead of the pack in the AFC North. Their 25-15 victory means they stay a game ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers, 24-20 winners over the New York Giants. The Cincinnati Bengals lost to the Denver Broncos 31-23 and fall to 3-5, three games off the lead, just a game ahead of the 2-6 Browns.

In the meantime, before we begin digesting and regurgitating the tough road in the Ravens game between the 2nd quater and late in the game, here is your 'Open Thread' for the Sunday Night Football contest when the Atlanta Falcons host the Dallas Cowboys.

Post your thoughts on the SNF game or feel free to speak up about the Ravens win. Either way, stick with Baltimore Beatdown to join your fellow fans for more NFL football.

Yay Ravens!!!