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Baltimore Beatdown's 'Predict The Score' Contest

Predict the score of the Ravens-Browns game and win a cool prize!

If you can guess the score of the Baltimore Ravens game at the Cleveland Browns this Sunday afternoon, you could win a piece of history for your prognostication skills. The one person who comes the closest to predicting the final score will win a Baltimore Ravens historic newspaper, with a compilation of New York Times coverage of the team from inception to the present day.

With over 60 pages of famous games and plays, the winner will have not only all the big articles of the present day Ravens, but also the same for the old Baltimore Colts. This will be a must-have unique piece of priceless memorabilia for the young or old hard-core Baltimore sports fan.

Just post your prediction below in the comments section. Only one guess per person and you must get the winning team and score combination in order to win. The entry deadline will be Sunday at 1pm. The Beatdown reserves the right to make the final determination of the winner in the event of not exactly correct prediction.In the event of a tie, both winners will receive copies of this prize compliments of

Good luck and GO RAVENS!