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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 13

Although the week of selecting the winning teams started off great, including two "Upset Special Picks of the Week," it fell off the edge of the table with the last five picks in a row all wrong. THUD!


It was another great day of games on Thanksgiving, although why couldn't the Detroit Lions make a field goal when it counted to beat the Houston Texans and help the Baltimore Ravens playoff seeding? As noted above, I correctly picked the upsets of the Jacksonville Jaguars over the Tennessee Titans and the Miami Dolphins over the Seattle Seahawks, but wow, then I took the long slide, picking the wrong team in all the Sunday late afternoon games (other than the Ravens) , the SNF and MNF games.

Hopefully, we'll get back on track in week13, starting with tonight's games and I'll get to the Ravens hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers in tomorrow's preview and prediction.

Falcons over Saints (Thursday Night Football): I correctly picks New Orleans to beat Atlanta the first time these two teams met but that was in "Nawleans" and the Falcons have a score to settle. At home, on national TV? Expect a high-scoring game and despite Drew Brees leading my fantasy team, Matt Ryan might one-up him tonight.

Texans over Titans: Houston has given up a boatload of points lately, but they have also managed to win and that's the true mark of a good team.. Tennessee plays up and down, but usually down and this game will be close, but not THAT close.

Patriots over Dolphins: In this and the prior game, we're rooting for upsets that just don't look like they will happen. New England is averaging over 40 points a game lately and no way Miami can put one more than that on the scoreboard and spring what would be a great upset.

Jets over Cardinals: What, New York might actually win another game? If Arizona can pull off the upset in front of the home team fans in New York Jersey, we might have a riot of epic proportions. Could this be Tim Tebow-time at last?

Bills over Jaguars: This was a tough one to pick, as Buffalo is playing pretty lame while Jacksonville seems to be energized behind backup QB Chad Henne. However, without spending any time on this snoozer, I have to go with the home team.

Bears over Seahawks: It's amazing how good Seattle is at home and how poor they play on the road. Meanwhile, Chicago seems to be getting healthy at a good time and plays significantly better with Jay Cutler instead of Jason Campbell at QB.

Lions over Colts: Same as above with this game, in that Indianapolis plays well at home but not as a visitor and Detroit knows they should have won on Thanksgiving Day against a Texans team much better than the Colts. They didn't last week but will this week.

Packers over Vikings: Who would have thought that Green Bay would be fighting for a shot to just remain in the playoff race at this point? Great one week yet pathetic the next. At least they get to feast on Minnesota to take out their frustrations this week in their own crib.

Panthers over Chiefs: This might be the final chance for Kansas City to win another game this year, but the way Cam Newton and his Carolina teammates played on Monday Night Football, I've got to go with the much, much, much better QB.

49ers over Rams: I cannot figure out for the life of me how St. Louis went to San Francisco and tied the last time they played a couple of weeks ago. Neither can the 49ers, who may have made the QB change to send them over the top as the best team in the NFC.

Broncos over Buccaneers: I thought Tampa Bay was on a roll but they couldn't beat a good Falcons team at home, so how can they go on the road and beat an equally good Denver team with an even better QB in Peyton Manning? The answer is, they can't.

Browns over Raiders: Yes, I am actually picking Cleveland to win on the road, but that's only because Oakland might currently have the worst defense in the league right now.

Chargers over Bengals: I've got to pick at least one "Upset Special Pick of the Week" and this will be it, as I'm liking San Diego's chances to win one in what could be a high scoring affair. If so, it's beginning to look like no one wants to take the lead in the race for the final AFC Wild Card spot.

Cowboys over Eagles (Sunday Night Football): Dallas might finally have a team come to their home field and lose, as Philadelphia is even more of a mess than the 'boys, but these two teams are so up-and-down that anything can happen here and not surprise me.

Redskins over Giants (Monday Night Football): Shocked to see that despite the way these two teams are currently playing, New York comes into Washington as a three-point favorite, making this pick as another "Upset Special Pick of the Week." The oddsmakers must know something we don't because I like the way Robert Griffin III is playing but Eli Manning might be able to begin his typical and annual late-season turn around.

Last Week: 9-7

Season Record: 114-62-1